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Saturday, April 17, 2021

Human Rights Reporters Ghana boss survives near fatal road accident


The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Human Rights Reporters Ghana (HRRG), Joseph Kobla Wemakor has survived a near fatal accident on the Accra – Dabala road on Wednesday, April 7, 2021.

He was travelling in a Ford bus with registration number (unknown) being driven by Hope Agbenu, a driver who hailed from Tegbi, a small town in the Keta Municipal district of the Volta Region.

Seven (7) passengers including Mr. Wemakor were rushed to the Sogakope District Hospital where they were treated at the Emergency Unit.

According to information available to this portal, the ghastly accident occurred between the Dabala Market and Dabala junction on route to the Volta Region.

Passengers aboard the mangled public transport disclosed the driver was over speeding; he overtook a bus a few meters to Dabala fuel station, only to run into a stationed tipper truck.

Narrating the ordeal while in pain, The Human Rights Reporters Ghana (HRRG) boss said, “while manoeuvring the right-hand side of the road in a wrongful overtaking their vehicle came face to face with the tipper truck which was parked on the shoulder of the road”.

Joseph Wemakor, HRRG boss

“The truck had no warning triangle and since the Ford bus driver was driving at a top speed he all of a sudden run into the truck with lightning speed”.

“The sad reality is that the driver said his insurance has died long ago so no insurance cover to take care of our medical bills”, he laments.

Although no death was recorded, the survivors sustained various degrees of life-threatening injuries.

Senam Nukunu, one of the survivors is also currently battling with his life while on admission at the Trafalgar Hospital (Ho) after a check from doctors proved that he had developed a crack on his pelvic bone on his left foot.

Human Rights Reporters Ghana (HRRG) boss is currently receiving care at an undisclosed location after being discharged from the hospital.

YouTube blocks Nigerian preacher, TB Joshua, over gay cure claim


TB Joshua

YouTube has suspended the account of influential Nigerian TV evangelist TB Joshua over allegations of hate speech.

A rights body filed a complaint after reviewing at least seven videos showing the preacher conducting prayers to "cure" gay people.

Facebook has also removed at least one of the offending posts showing a woman being slapped while TB Joshua says he is casting out a "demonic spirit".

The preacher said he was appealing against YouTube's decision.

His YouTube account had 1.8 million subscribers.

TB Joshua is one of Africa's most influential evangelists, with top politicians from across the continent among his followers.

Why was the account closed?

UK-based openDemocracy filed a complaint after reviewing seven videos posted on TB Joshua Ministries' YouTube channel between 2016 and 2020, which show the preacher conducting prayers to "cure" gay people.

A YouTube spokesperson told openDemocracy that the channel had been closed because its policy "prohibits content which alleges that someone is mentally ill, diseased, or inferior because of their membership in a protected group including sexual orientation".

A post on TB Joshua Ministries Facebook account said: "We have had a long and fruitful relationship with YouTube and believe this decision was made in haste."

What does the video show?

The video is an update of a prayer session of a woman called Okoye, first broadcast in 2018.

In it TB Joshua slaps and pushes Okoye and an unnamed woman at least 16 times and tells Okoye: "There is a spirit disturbing you. She has transplanted herself into you. It is the spirit of woman," openDemocracy reports.

The video which was viewed more than 1.5 million before the YouTube channel was taken down, later shows her testifying before the congregation that "the spirit of woman" had been destroying her life but she had been healed after the preacher's prayers.

She declares that she had stopped having "affection" to women and "now I have affections for men".

Who is TB Joshua?

The founder of the Synagogue, Church of All Nations is one of Nigeria's most popular televangelists but is perhaps the least flamboyant of his peers.

Tens of thousands of people attend his weekly services in Nigeria's biggest city, Lagos.

His rise to prominence in the late 1990s coincided with the explosion of "miracle" programmes performed on national TV by various pastors.

TB Joshua was often mocked for lacking the finesse of his colleagues during "deliverance" sessions - an intense prayer that resembles exorcism.

His ministry professes to heal all manner of illnesses including HIV/Aids and attracts people from all over the world.

Known as the "Prophet" by his followers, Mr Joshua runs the Christian television station Emmanuel TV and often tours Africa, the US, the UK and South America.

In 2014, one of his churches collapsed, killing at least 116 people, including many South Africans.

A coroner in a Lagos court said "the church was culpable because of criminal negligence" but he never faced any charges.

Is this the first time he's been banned?


In May 2004 the National Broadcasting Commission banned TV stations from showing programmes of pastors performing miracles on television unless they had been verified.

There were accusations that some of the miracles were fake and performed by actors.

TV stations pulled the pastors' programmes to avoid having their licences revoked or being hit by fines from the NBC.

But as free-to-air satellite boxes became affordable and popular in many Nigerian homes, the televangelists set up broadcast facilities and continued with their "miracle" programmes.

They broadcast with state-of-the-art facilities and have dedicated channels on major satellite TV providers in Africa, showing activities of the churches and pastors non-stop. Though was still under the NBC's purview, they were mostly allowed to carry on.


Madina MP presents streetlights to La Nkwantanang Assembly to beef up security

The Member of Parliament for the Madina constituency, Lawyer Francis Xavier Sosu has presented 250  streetlights worth thousands of Cedis to the La Nkwantanang Madina Municipal Assembly, to beef up security in the Municipality. 

According to the MP, the installation of more streetlights in the Madina Municipality will help improve the security situation in the area.

 Speaking at a ceremony held on April 14th in the Municipality,  the legislator expressed  hope that the lights will go a long way to assist the Assembly in beefing up security in the area, as well as helping to curb robberies and crimes in the market, lorry stations and other dark places that serve as hideouts for criminals.

 Lawyer Sosu stressed on the need for the Assembly to use the streetlights for their intended purpose, in order to boost the confidence of the constituents, and pledged to support the assembly in all ways possible, to bring development to his constituency. 

Receiving the items on behalf of the Assembly,  the Presiding Member, Braimah Ismailah Blay expressed gratitude to the MP and assured him that the items will be used for the intent for which they  were presented to the Assembly. 

Madina MP, Lawyer Sosu, presenting the streetlights

Other beneficiaries of the initiative included the Ghana Police Service, Municipal Health Directorate and the Municipal Educational Directorate. 

Lawyer Francis Xavier-Sosu was accompanied by some Assembly Members and Constituency Executives of his party, the National Democratic Congress, (NDC). 

Also present at the ceremony were the Director of  Health for the Assembly, Dr. Priscilla A. Siaw, and Angela F. Nkansah who represented  the Municipal Chief Executive, Jennifer Dede Ajabeng.

By Elvis Kumah Sampson

Friday, April 16, 2021

Bad roads are major factors of road accidents - Lawyer Sosu

Transport represents one of the most important human activities. It is an indispensable component of the economy and plays a major role in spatial relations; helping create valuable links between regions and economic activities, between people, cities and others.

 It is in this vein that the Member of Parliament for the Madina Constituency, Lawyer Francis Xavier Sosu has called on the Ministry of Roads and Highways to consider the construction of the local road networks, especially in  the La Nkwantanang Madina Municipality.

 The MP complained about the deplorable state of roads in the local communities. He explained that vehicles often develop mechanical faults when they ply these roads, and in the long run, fuel road accidents. 

“Bad roads impede development, including transportation of goods and services from one location to the other. In spite of these perceived effects of bad roads, the issue has not been adequately addressed by the government” , he stated. 

Lawyer Sosu further stated that the population of Madina is increasing on a daily basis so better transport infrastructure will allow more trade and a greater spread of people in the Municipality, adding that Economic growth has always been dependent on increasing the capacity and rationality of transport. 

He indicated that the infrastructure and operation of transport has a great impact on the land and is the largest drainer of energy, making transport sustainability a major issue. 

Statistics in Ghana show that  road transport accounts for 96 to 98% of overall national delivery of people and goods. However, the medium term programme of the Ministry of Roads and Transport does not envisage any substantial realignment of the overall transport modal mix. 

Thus, road transport remains the backbone of the national economy. As a result, the performance of the road transport system is of crucial importance for individual mobility, activities, public welfare and economic growth and development of the nation. The effects of bad roads in Ghana, particularly in the Madina Municipality cannot be overemphasized.

By Elvis Kumah Sampson

Thursday, April 15, 2021

Another Year of Roads: Govt must walk the talk - Madina MP

Madina MP, Lawyer Francis Sosu

The Member of Parliament for the Madina Constituency, Lawyer Francis Xavier-Sosu has charged the government to walk the talk since President Akufo-Addo has declared this year as a year of roads.

According to the legislator, constructing various local roads in the communities in the country, especially in the Greater Accra Region is equally important just like the intercity roads. So there is the need for government to concentrate on those projects.

Speaking to the media during his infrastructural tour with the La Nkwantanang Madina Municipal Director of Urban Roads, Adwoa Sefa-Boakye to inspect the construction of roads and drainages in some areas like, Madina Zongo, Madina Melcolm, Teiman Burga town, AyiMensah, Adenta Newsite, Nkwantanang among others, the MP indicated that about 60% of the projects have been completed but 40% is still hanging due to government’s refusal to raise funds for the contractors to finish the projects. 

He noted only one contractor was on duty and the others were 

absent because government has not released their monies for the projects but certificates have been raised for the projects.

Lawyer Sosu appealed to the government to release funds to the contractors particularly those who are in charge of the various local  community roads awarded under the Urban Roads in Madina.

By Elvis Kumah Sampson 

Saturday, April 10, 2021

Kasoa teenage killers wanted 'pocket no dry' charm - Arrested Priestess revealed


Charity Mensah, the traditional priestess who was arrested in connection with the murder of 11-year-old Ishmael Mensah has revealed that the two teenagers currently in police grips for their alleged involvement in the ritual killing contacted her on phone to be perpetually rich.

She said the two boys, who were only in touch with her via phone, requested for the “pocket no dry” charm.

Charity Mensah, made this known during police interrogation after her arrest earlier this week.

She was arrested alongside her errand boy, Desmond Nii Adjei, at Amanase near Suhum in the Eastern Region.

According to Citi News' reporter, she did not say whether she demanded a human body for the alleged rituals during interrogation.

“What they [teenagers] wanted was “pocket no dry” charm so that they will never lack money in their lives. According to information we picked up from the interrogations, she [priestess] told the boys that she could do it for them. There have been several phone interactions between one of the boys and the traditional priestess and the police have in their possession phone records of their conversations.”

“She is yet to confirm to the police that she directed them to bring human parts or a human being for the ritual,” Anass Seidu said.

The two teenagers still in police custody over the killing –Felix Nyarko and Nicholas Kini –have also alleged that the priestess was aware of the killing and went ahead to instruct them to bury the body of the deceased.

During interrogations, they said the priestess assured them that she will visit the place later at night with some aides to collect the body of the deceased for the ritual.

Charity Mensah is yet to confirm or deny that allegation.

Meanwhile, the priestess said to be a Beninois and a 2-week-old nursing mother has been granted bail.

Her Ghanaian husband and herbalist is reported to have fled with their baby.


Thursday, April 8, 2021

False publication by Daily Graphic over the rescue of dolphins should be retracted - CPP chairperson

The Chair and leader of the Convention People’s Party (CPP), Nana Frimpoma Kumankuma has said the Daily Graphic has made a false publication on the rescue of the dolphins that appeared on the shores of Brawire in Nzema.

According to her, there’s a publication by the daily graphic that a team of experts from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the fisheries commission rescued and release about 38 Dolphins back to sea. 

She revealed that the executives of the Convention People’s Party who at the time was in a convoy to meet the Chief of Brewire on a scheduled tour of abandoned projects and factories initiated by Dr Kwame Nkrumah in the Western Region.

Nana Frimpomaa with her executives quickly initiated a campaign to rescue the dolphins and save them from human consumption. She related that, these dolphins are recreational fishes of tourist interest and must be rescued when they go astray. 

It took Nana Frimpomaa and her team 9 hours of tough negotiation and education to get the people to comprehend the need to join the rescue efforts. Finally the chair and leader decided to pay in cash all the fisher folks of Brawire who will return the dolphins to her. She payed 3000 dollars to rescue 40 dolphins who had already been sold to marketers nearby in truckloads and tricycles.

Nana Fripomaa finally got over 40 dolphins rescued and returned a  temporal location in the sea at 9pm.

She charged the Daily Graphic to pull down the false publication.

On the other hand, the chair and leader of the CPP, Nana Frimpomaa Kumakuma appealed to government and the fisheries ministry to call on all those who still have in possession some of the Dolphins to come for an amount of money as a way of stopping them from selling in the market.

By Elvis Kumah Sampson 

Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Kasoa juvenile killers charged with murder, say the initial plan was to abduct the 10-year-old deceased

 Today, April 6, 2021, the two juvenile murderers of a 10-year-old boy in Kasoa appeared in court.

At the Ofankor District Court, the two Felix Nyarko, 15, and Nicholas Kini, 17, were charged with murder and murder conspiracy.

According to the charge sheet filed in court, the two defendants have been watching television shows with spiritualists for some time.

According to PrimeNewsGhana report "In the charge sheet filed at the court, it was alleged that the two accused persons have for some time been watching television programmes with spiritualist talking about their ability to make people wealthy and the two contacted a spiritualist in the Volta Region who asked for an amount of GHS 5,000 and human body parts for the rituals.

The boys then armed themselves and they say their initial plan was to kidnap the deceased and ask for a ransom of GHC 5,000 but when they saw that would be difficult they decided to kill him after luring him to an uncompleted building.

They hit him with cement blocks killing him instantly with the intention of and carrying his body to the ritualist but the sister of one of the suspects saw the act and told his father who went to the scene and saw the body of the boy.

The two are to reappear before the court on April 20, 2021."

Monday, April 5, 2021

More than 3000 constituents of Madina receive free medical care under Sosu Health Outreach


The Sosu Health Outreach team, under the office of the Member of Parliament for the Madina Constituency has offered free medical care to more than 3000 constituents to improve their health conditions.

Lawyer Francis Xavier Sosu, Member of Parliament (MP) for Madina Constituency and the Deputy Ranking Member for Legal, Constitutional and Parliamentary Affairs Committee, intimated  that this is the very first time in the history of the constituency for constituents to receive free medical care, free test, consultation, medication etc.

According to the MP, job creation, education among others are his priorities for the constituency but health is his topmost priority because without a good health, one cannot work nor seek further education.

With this aim of championing healthcare in the constituency, Lawyer Sosu disclosed that the office of the MP is in talks with the Ministry of Health to expand the existing clinics and chip compounds into polyclinics in the constituency.

He further elaborated on the fact that most people’s businesses have collapsed while some others' National Health Insurance (NHIS) cards have expired which even when they are indisposed, find it difficult to access health facilities due to the pandemic.

Head of Medical Care and Health at the office of the MP, Dr Yennusom Maalug, stated that most of the cases that were recorded turned out to be hypertension for which prescriptions and free medications were administered to the patients.

Dr. Yennusom Maalug also indicated that the outfit of the office of the MP will support any patient without the financial wherewithal to get treatment.

By Elvis Kumah Sampson

Landlords who charge more than 6 months advance rent risk 2-year jail term – Rent Control

The Rent Control Department has vowed to crack the whip on Landlords who are charging beyond the Six months rent advanced permitted by the Rent Act.

This is after it emerged that 72% of tenants in Ghana are finding difficulty in settling their lease due to exhorbitant fees charged by these house owners.

Public Relations Officer of the Rent Control Department Emmanuel Hovey Kporsu says such Landlords could be fined GHC6,000 or go to jail for 2 years.

“About 72% of cases we have had is about tenants unable to pay their rent advance. Any person who demands more than 6 months advance rent shall be guilty of an offence and be liable to a fine not exceeding GHC6000 or a term of imprisonment not exceeding two years”

Per the current laws governing the rent, ACT 1963, tenants are to only pay between one to six months advance rent.

But the law is not enforced as it should. This has led to some landlords demanding more than 12 months as a rent downpayment, exceeding the six-month ceiling.

The Rent Control Office has also indicated that the government is putting together a new rent Bill.

Also Minister for Works and Housing, Francis Asenso Boakye says the government aims at introducing a new rent law.

Mr Boakye who appeared before the Appointment Committee on February 24, 2021, for his vetting said the new law will make it possible for landlords to charge only one-year advance rent.

According to him, it is not practical for the current law that states that house owners can charge up to six months advance rent to be enforced.


Sunday, April 4, 2021

April 3rd power outage was as a result of transmission line that fell at Trasacco - GRIDCo



The Ghana Ghana Grid Company Ltd has issued a statement explaining the circumstances that led to the April 3, 2021 power outage (Dumsor).

The power went out in most of Accra late at night, causing a lot of commotion.

A transmission line collapsed at Trasacco, causing power outages in the city, according to GRIDCo in a statement released on April 4, 2021.

Portions of their statement read; “At 11:06pm on Saturday April 3, 2021, a conductor on the Tema Accra East transmission line fell at Trasacco, leading to power outages in major parts of the Greater Accra Region”

GRIDCo press statement

Confusion within NDC is a ploy to dislodge Haruna Iddrisu - Buaben Asamoa


Buaben Asamoa

Director of Communications of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) Yaw Buaben Asamoa says they seem to be a power struggle within the National Democratic Congress (NDC) and that is causing confusion.

His comments were on the back of the current situation the NDC leadership in parliament is facing with some party members criticising them for not been up to the task.

Mr Asamoa speaking on Joy FM's Newsfile said, what is happening in the party is an attempt to get Haruna Iddrisu the Minority Leader out of the way.

However, he said it will not succeed because he will get the support of Speaker Alban Bagbin.

"The resignation and all that is a legitimate shot to dislodge Haruna Iddrisu who is the Minority Leader and a very powerful force within the NDC. I don't it will succeed because I believe the Speaker's side will rally to the side of the NDC leadership in parliament. They want to get rid of the leadership because there is a power struggle. The NDC is currently in a state where any individual taking a decision will do so in favour of the interest of groups within the party. There are movements in the party and no one in that group can say they are acting independently"

NDC Member of Parliament for North Tongu Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa took a decision to resign from Parliament's Appointment Committee.

Ablakwa made known his resignation in a letter dated March 30 to Speaker Alban Kingsford Bagbin, explaining his decision was “after days of careful reflection and thoughtful considerations.”

Though he cited no reason, this has been linked to some concerns raised over the NDC leadership’s role in acting contrary to the party’s agreement on decision making in the Parliament, with the approval of Finance Minister, Ken Ofori-Atta being recent.

However the Chief Whip of the NDC, Mohammed Mubarak Muntaka has rejected claims that his party is in crisis.

He assured that the party is in control and maintains “we are not in crisis”.


Saturday, April 3, 2021

People calling for change in Minority leadership are ignorant - Cletus Avoka


Haruna Iddrisu and Muntaka Mubarak

A former Majority Leader, Cletus Avoka has hit out at people calling for a change of the Minority Leadership are ignorant.

There are concerns the Minority is facing a leadership crisis with some NDC loyalists calling for an immediate overhaul following the disputed approval of some of President Akufo-Addo’s ministerial nominees.

It has also received heavy criticisms for doing very little to put the ruling government in proper check.

He is of the view that the Minority side will be worse off if the calls for an overhaul of the leadership are successful.

“As of now, I don’t support it. We will be worse off in Parliament because I don’t think they deserve to be changed. I think that some people calling for change are exercising that in a position of ignorance. They do not know the full fact and, therefore, want to make a decision without appreciating the circumstances under which we do some things in Parliament.”

Also, the immediate past Member of Parliament (MP) for Tamale Central, Inusah Fusieni, has kicked against calls for changes in the Minority’s leadership in Parliament.

Mr. Fuseini feels any leadership changes within the Minority, which is made up of the National Democratic Congress caucus, will be the “height of stupidity” on the part of the party.

“In the stormy waters, captains do not jump ship. They use all their leadership skills and capabilities to steady the boat and when the storm calms and the boat is steady then they can choose to lay down their tools, but this is not the time. We don’t have to push the leadership out and doing so now with the greatest of respect will be the height of stupidity.”

There is pressure mounting on the NDC leadership but Majority Chief Whip Muntaka Mubarak says they are firmly in control.


NRSA launches "Vehicle Log Book" to ensure two driver implementation


The National Road Safety Authority (NSRA)has launched a book called “Vehicle Log Book” to support the new implementation of two drivers per each intercity bus to reduce accidents especially this Easter.

According to the Director of planning and programs, National Road Safety Authority, Engineer David Osafo Adonteng, the Vehicle Log Book is for the drivers to write down the setting off time, wherever the driver will stop on the way, time to change over and also the time the driver will get to the destination. 

He added that, this campaign will use

 speeding-related Public Services Announcement (PSAs) produced by the NRSA and other safety bodies to send out the message of speed reduction as well as the reduction in some risky driving


He said Drivers should observe the posted speed limits, reduce their speed in town to allow for safe pedestrian usage of the road and abstain from drugs and drinking;

 Also Pedestrians should look out for safe crossing facilities like pedestrian crossing points or footbridges and avoid walking on the roadway and instead of the walkways if they are provided.

He stressed that Motor Riders are expected to ride safely by using their helmets, avoid needless

 manoeuvring, look out for pedestrians, and not violate the red lights at traffic

 intersections; and Passengers should endeavour to speak up against any conduct of the driver that endangers their lives like speeds, wrongful overtaking and in the case of signs of driver-fatigue, demand that drivers take some rest.

On the other hand,  the Director of planning and programs, National Road Safety Authority, Engineer David Osafo Adonteng congratulated the leadership of the VIP for accepting to collaborate with them.

He also added that the NRSA will sanction any driver who will refuse to comply.

By Elvis Kumah Sampson

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