Baker Hughes Internship 2024: Building a Strong Foundation for Your Career

Baker Hughes Internship 2024: Building a Strong Foundation for Your Career

Photo: Baker Hughes Internship 2024

The Baker Hughes Internship program is meticulously designed to offer students pursuing either a Bachelor's or Master's Degree, as well as recent graduates, a valuable opportunity to acquire hands-on work experience that will serve as the cornerstone of their professional journey.

Our internships provide participants with firsthand insights into processes, systems, and practices aligned to ensure the fulfillment of customer needs through flawless execution and the application of groundbreaking technology.

About Baker Hughes

Baker Hughes, a GE company (NYSE: BHGE), stands as the world's inaugural and exclusive full stream provider of integrated oilfield products, services, and digital solutions. 

Drawing on a distinguished history of innovation, BHGE harnesses the passion and expertise of its workforce to enhance productivity across the entire oil and gas value chain. 

BHGE aids its customers in the more efficient, productive, and safe acquisition, transportation, and refinement of hydrocarbons, all while minimizing environmental impact and reducing the cost per barrel. Supported by GE's formidable digital industrial capabilities, the company deploys the synergy of human intellect and advanced technology to drive progress in the energy sector.

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Benefits of Baker Hughes Internship Program

  • Collaboration with Industry Experts:

Participate in focused training sessions, team meetings, and engaging project work where you'll have the opportunity to showcase your results. Throughout your internship journey, you will receive invaluable support from both a designated buddy and your manager, ensuring that you gain a meaningful learning experience. 

Expect to receive coaching and mentoring that will empower you to successfully complete assignments and projects while enhancing your technical and interpersonal skills.

  • Cultural Immersion:

The internship program also offers you the chance to immerse yourself in the Health, Safety, and Environment (HS&E) practices and the vibrant culture of Baker Hughes. You will witness our unwavering commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion, fostering an inclusive and dynamic work environment.

  • Field Engineer Intern Responsibilities:

1. Delivering Customer Outcomes: Execute internal projects aimed at achieving customer objectives and identifying opportunities for enhancing business operations.

2. Collaborative Field Operations: Work closely with experienced engineers on various field operations, such as drilling, well testing, and equipment maintenance.

3. Data Analysis and Troubleshooting: Collect and analyze data gathered from field activities, identifying trends and addressing issues through effective problem-solving related to field operations and equipment.

4. Equipment Maintenance: Inspect and maintain equipment to ensure it operates efficiently and safely.

5. Record-Keeping: Maintain comprehensive records and documentation of field activities, equipment inspections, and safety measures. These records are vital for compliance and future reference.

6. Health, Safety, and Environment Compliance: Adhere to Health, Safety, and Environment (HS&E) standards and procedures in all situations, upholding a commitment to compliance.

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Qualifications for the Baker Hughes Internship Program

To excel in this role, you should:

- Currently be enrolled in or have recently completed a bachelor's or master's degree program in Engineering, Technology, Mechanics, or another STEM-related field.

- Maintain a GPA of 3.0 or equivalent in your academic performance.

- Demonstrate proficiency in both oral and written English, possessing effective communication skills.

- Be willing and able to relocate for the duration of your internship, as specific locations may vary.

- Hold legal eligibility to work in the country where you are applying, without requiring company sponsorship or time restrictions.

Application Deadline for Baker Hughes Internship 2024

Not specified, the application is still ongoing.

How to Apply for Baker Hughes Internship 2024

do you qualify? Click Here to apply!

visit Baker Hughes career website For more details.


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