Man shares ten reasons marrying a white lady is better

inter race marriage
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A Cameroonian man who’s happily married to a white lady has listed ten reasons why marrying a white woman is much better than being with a black woman.

His points really make sense no matter how one sees it but because relationship and marital problems are subjective, we think his message could be interpreted in varied ways. His first point for instance says, “a white woman are totally independent, she doesn’t believe that because you are men, you have to take care of her,” which is completely true.

1. White women are completely autonomous, she doesn’t feel that because you are guys, you have to take care of her.

2. The second point but slightly moved from me, but they make cute children Metisse children are always so beautiful.

3. They very loyal I mean they don’t even talk to other men I mean even only at the level of friendship and she hangs pics of you everywhere Facebook phone wallpaper WhatsApp they ain’t almost never go out without you.

4. They may not be as good in bed as black girls, but they are very sexually responsive and embrace so many forms of sexual activities.

5. with a white girl as a wife you can easily get credit in a bank. A racist but very valid claim.

6. White family women are never going to be a burden, ask for money or try to play a role for your couple.

7. Dress style ahhh nothing in particular about imagination and simplicity.

8. It's very quick to make a white woman's juice but some Cameroonian sex experts have never had ultimate orgasms to piss and shake like a woman in her possession.

9. Everybody looks like you were a god when we walk with a young white woman, good in Cameroon.

10. She believes less in God as a sensitive point, but is more rational and can get what she wants from everyone."

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