These are five simple ways to determine your child's paternity

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Dad and baby

DNA tests are expensive although accurate but below are the simple ways you can determine if you are the father of your child:

1. Eye Colour, Hair Shading and Examination of Earlobe

You may use an Identigene Calculator to determine paternity by observing the characteristics of the presumed dad.

This is a multi-attribute paternity mini-computer that uses the characteristics of hair shading, ear flap and eye shading to determine whether an individual is actually the child's dad.

The evaluation relies on a theory of characteristics and how the child obtains them from the organic guardians.

2.Date of Conception

Using the mother's menstrual pattern, the origination date can be followed.

Since the lady knows well who they had sex with around then, it is an excellent predictor of paternity.

3. Genetic Behavior

Hereditary actions will give you a hint as to who the child's dad is, from parent to child.

A child gets those patterns of actions from their people that become obvious as the baby grows.

4. Test Blood Type

Blood classification tests were the traditional test for paternity until the invention of DNA testing.

If you are either a blood classification A, B, AB or O, the attributes that code for blood classification acquired to effectively kill a father based on the child's blood classification, the test depends on the ABO blood composing system.

For instance, having a child with type AB blood with a dad who is type O is not feasible for a mother with blood classification B blood.

5. For the feet

By watching the feet of a person, you can illuminate a lot about them. It is also conceivable to dispense with an anticipated father by watching the feet of the infant and particularly the toes

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