Final funeral rites of Sheikh Salis Shaban takes place today

Sheikh Salis Shaban, Tinjaniya fraternity, Ibrahim niase
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Sheikh Salis Shaban

Final funeral rites of late Sheikh Salis Shaban will be held at the forecourt of the State House today June 6th , 2021 as the nation and the rest of the world celebrate his unique contributions to Islam, the Tijaniyya fraternity and the nation at large. 

The event will be attended by Key religious luminaries across the world with the Vice President of the Republic of Ghana as the Special Guest of Honour.

Sheikh Salis Shaban who was born in 1932 at Asamankese, had his education at the University of Azhar, Egypt after he was well taught and nurtured by the renowned celebrated Sheikh Ibrahim Niase,  which earned him the title  as Spiritual son" of Sheikh Ibrahim Niase. 

Sheikh Salis Shaban also earned the title as Representative of Sheikh Ibrahim Niase  because, he was the middleman for the renowned muslim and spiritual scholar, Sheikh Ibrahim Niase, and Dr. Kwame Nkrumah when the former was invited to intercede spiritually on behalf of the nation on construction of the Akosombo Dam and the formation of the African Union.

Sheikh Salis Shaban was a gifted orator and spoke fluently many languages such as Arabic, English Wolf, Kotokoli, Twi, Hausa and Dende.

As the Grand imam and Spiritual Cleric of the Faidatu Tijaniya  Ibrahimmiya Council, Ghana, Togo & Benin, Imam of Nima community etc  his scope of influence and followership spreads across West Africa, Europe and United States.

Sheikh Mohammed Salis Shaban was a strong advocate for girl child education, peace, inter faith dialogue and promoting activities that inspires learning and professional training of the youth. Sheikh Mohammed Salis Shaban instituted Barhama Goes Green, an initiative to mobilise Muslim action against Climate Change. 

The world will remember the late Sheikh for his unique humility and sobriety 

By Kandey Alhassan

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