Sad! Young Kofi Manu Cries out for Support as he battles for his future

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Kofi Manu

Kofi Manu is a young man of 19years in Loloto a farming community under Kpandai District of the Northern Region, whose dream was to be a fashion designer.

According to him, he was bitten by a snake at the age of four which his parents battled to cure him of the snake bite but it couldn't prevail and the leg kept rotten and even with that, he use to go to school to pursue his dream that one day it will come to pass.

 The rotten leg kept worsening with the smell all over him and the parents were always sad due to the low financial status until one day a philanthropist saw his condition and negotiated with the parents to help cut off the rotten leg. 

Kofi Manu
The agreement was his leg will be amputated, and after that, they will help him pursue his dream, they both agreed and the operation went on in 2019.

Kofi Manu added that after the operation till date he hasn't heard from the philanthropist and things became tougher for him and his parents, the Dad passed on due to the pressure, living him and the mother who also has nothing and have lost everything on him, and there was nothing he could do than to drop out of school to farm and take care of his mother.

He goes to people's farms for labor to take care of his mother and himself.

"My dream to become a fashion designer didn't fulfill because I am now engaged in farming," Kofi Manu lamented.

He's appealing to philanthropist, and  NGO'S to support him  fulfill his dream as a fashion designer 

According to Kofi Manu's mother, Madam Gbebiyate said, Kofi is now the breadwinner of the family,  he goes to work on people's farms before they can eat, so if his son doesn't go to the farm then that very day they won't eat.

 She added that her son's dream was to become a fashion designer but due to the lack of support and financial assistance his dream putten to a standstill.

She's therefore crying out to philanthropists and NGOs to come and support Kofi Manu's dream into reality.


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