Hope in the face of uncertainty; Aftermath of August 5 address - The Mohammed Ali, KNUST - GH LENSE

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Hope in the face of uncertainty; Aftermath of August 5 address - The Mohammed Ali, KNUST

Hope in the face of uncertainty; Aftermath of August 5 address - The Mohammed Ali, KNUST

Let me begin by expressing my deepest gratitude first and foremost to Almighty Allah for the blessing of life and the grace to run a race as such. It has been a dream come true. August 5, 2021 marked a day when we set a precedent, that through thicks and thins, we would persevere and get to the the button of the tunnel. 

Ultimately, the election has been a success. My sincere gratitude to everyone who made our journey comforting. Although we didn't emerge entirely victorious, we are comforted by the fact that we gave in our all. Guided by the understanding of the total will of God, we surrender ourselves to His decree. Ebenezer, thus how far the Lord has brought us.

Far before the elections I had made a statement, that at the end of it all, everyone would bear witness to the slogan I've long been preaching; 1% Chance, 99% Faith - Hope in the face of uncertainty. And that is how I accept the turnout of events after the election. I am not a fan of conspiracy theories and do not wish to forge one myself. Despite the concerns being raised at the aftermath of the elections being genuine and begging, I have resolved to sitting back and observing the turnout of events. Societal service has always been possible with or without political power and I intend to do my best in spheres I find myself. 

What made it even more comforting is the group of people I initially called a team that grew along the line to become family. Those who despite the several challenges and discrepancies we were faced with chose to stand with us at the expense of other interesting offers elsewhere. Bubu Husseini , my dear Victoria⁩ ,smiley Asaasim⁩ ,Ing. WK Omar, Bra Kleva , Doreen whom I affectionately call Deee , sweet Radiyah Bint Ilyas⁩ , Swalih Abbass , your loyalty has known no boundaries. Farther Shafiu, you are God's own oracle. And my president,Master Kevin Abban, the strongest gentleman yet the calmest I've met in this journey. I'm glad I had you to run this race with. And all the groups and association that endorsed our vision for the SRC, we are most grateful in every way. I cannot forget my family, my primary inspiration. Your support cannot be underestimated. 

After election, what next?

We've been through a whole lot since the beginning of the electioneering process. Today we have come out of it successfully. I neither face East nor West now. I face Forward. I'm going to reharvest my talents, recover lost relationships (of course, that doesn't include dead ones), reach out to as many friends as I can and continue community service in any way I can. I'm going reprioritize research and writing like I've always done erstwhile. At the end of another year when our newly elected leaders are leaving office, I should also be publishing my book; 'Changing Times' as my achievement over the year. Right from the day after we lost our election, I begun writing my first memoir which is going to cover my life experiences through high school till date. I'm hoping it will guide the steps of many who would also tread this path and serve as precedence for many like myself who would come after. 

Now that all has been said and done, may we be remembered for what we stood for and believed in. May we not falter in our convictions and may posterity judge us kindly. 

The Greatest honour is having to lead honourable people. The journey has been long but you made it comforting. Thank you all.

God bless KNUST and make Her Great and Strong!



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