Here are some everyday acronyms often used and what they mean

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As humans, we are likely to learn every day and learning does not end until we leave Earth.

It does not matter how bright a person is, he/she will never know anything.

If you are curious what acronyms are? They are brief types of terms that are used instead of the exact phrase.

The acronym for Mistress, for instance, is MRS. Now, I hope you understand?

Since it can not be avoided in our spoken or written phrases, we apply acronyms everyday. May it be that it is used to us?

Nevertheless, there are times where we do not even grasp the full sense of these abbreviations that we use.

We only use them because we grew up by listening to them from our parents or close associates.

Try to read this article to the end, please, and learn something new today.

1.) A.M/P.M

A.M simply means “Ante Meridiem”

While P.M means “Post Meridiem”.

2.) CPU: simply stands for “Central Processing Unit”.

3.) E.G: It is a commonly used acronym and the meaning is “Example Given”.

4.) I.Q and E.Q

I.Q means “Intelligent Quotient”

While E.Q means “Emotional Quotient”

5.) R.S.V.P

Another common word we are familiar with, and some people see it as “Rice and stew very plenty” It’s funny right?

The full meaning was curled from a French word and it is “Responded s’il vous plait” which means “Please reply”.

You get to see this particular acronym on invitation and party cards.

6.) SMS simply means “Short Message Service”.

7.) SIM has its full meaning as “Subscriber Identity Module”

8.)JPEG or JPG stands for ” Joint Photographic Experts Group”.

9.) PIN is a very famous acronym and it means “Personal Identification Number”.

10.) PhD is used to address scholars who have completed a certain degree. PhD simply stands for “Doctor of Philosophy”

11.) SUV means “Sports Utility Vehicle” and lastly,

12.) MR means “Mister” or “Mature and Responsible”

While MRS means “Mistress” or “Mature Responsible and Submissive”

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