I was threatened this morning by someone who claims to be a PhD holder in Legon" - Kwesi Pratt

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At present, the country is in a deadlock over the constituency of Techiman South. While the results were declared for the parliamentary candidate of the NPP, the NDC disputed the outcome and vowed to fight it to the end. The NDC says that their candidate, with around 293 votes, won the parliamentary election instead.

Indeed, both political parties say that some seats they have lost will be contested. Aside from battling for certain parliamentary seats, the NDC has absolutely rejected the presidential results. They say the Electoral Commission rigged the election to favor the ruling party.

Kwesi Pratt was one of those critics of the EC's actions in explicitly reporting findings without errors. He believed that the results were not about the triumph of the NPP or John Mahama, but rather about the reigning democracy. He noted that it is important to compel the EC to do the right thing.

Kwesi Pratt was in the studios of Metro TV on 'Good Morning Ghana' today, 23 December 2020. In order to address the continuing brouhaha over Techiman South, he joined Eugene Antwi and host Randy Abbey.

Kwesi noted that the last resort was the court. He was of the opinion that before going to court, the NDC might use other peaceful means. Kwesi clarified that in dealing with cases, the court would not consist of supernatural beings.

This did not, however, go down with a listener who texted that because Kwesi Pratt insists that there were no divine people in the court, there were also the NDC divine demonstrations. Kwesi Pratt fumed after the text was read by Randy Abbey, the host, and subsequently made a revelation.

This morning, I was harassed by someone pretending to be a PhD holder at Legon. He was upset with my stance on the election. You may disagree with me, but you are not allowed to offend me. I'm going to drop his number really soon. In the public interest, we're just arguing.

“I was threatened this morning by someone who claims to be a PhD holder in Legon. He was angry about my position on the election. You can disagree with me but have no right to insult me. Very soon I will drop his number. We are all debating in the national interest. This is not the first time that reporters have been targeted after the 2020 elections. Similar statements have been made by journalists like Umaru Sanda and Afia Pokuaa.

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