Complete overhaul of Accra-Tema motorway will cost $570million USD - Spokesperson

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The spokesperson on the Accra-Tema interchange has said to completely overhaul the infrastructure, it will cost government 570 million USD.

The spokesperson, Kojo Frempong, said the infrastructure will have five interchanges. They include an interchange at Teshie, Abattoir, anew one at Fiesta Royale Hotel.

“The Neoplan junction is going to have an interchange. There are going to be 14 pedestrian foot bridges on this motorway. And then streetlights and toll plaza,” he said.

The purpose of this overhaul he said is to ease traffic on the stretch.

“So your issues at Lashibi are going to be solved,” he said.

With funding being the focal point for such capital intensive projects, Mr Frempong said the publicized amount will not balloon.

He added that there would not be cost overruns during the course of the project.





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