Ghana's Deputy Ambassador To China warned to stay-off some pieces of land in Odumase

Ghana's Deputy Ambassador To China warned to stay-off some pieces of land in Odumase

Accredited elders of the Nana Amon Kwame and Kwasi Amoani  Oyoko Royal family from Odumase (Kodjo Fosu) and Akwamu Akwatin in the Eastern Region have sounded a strong word of warning to the Ghana's Deputy Ambassador to China, Madam Akua Owusu Afriyie to, immediately stay away from their land located at Odumase popularly called Panpanso in order not to incur their wrath.

According to the elders of the family, pieces of documentary envidence available to them have indicated that the claims by Madam Akua Owusu Afriyie that she has taken the 100-acres of land at odumase [Panpanso] in the name of the government to carry out its flagship programme One-District-Factory (1D1D) was completely lies and cooked claimed to score her fictitious points.

They pointed out that envidence available to them have also so indicated that the female Ghana's Deputy Ambassador to China has secretly decided to take the land from the family, ostensibly to carry her personal building structures project.

To set the record straight, the elders and members of the Royal family of Amon kwame and Kwasi Amoani are alerting President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo and New Patriotic Patty (NPP) government over false claiming  of the said land by the deputy ambassador to China without taking the necessary measurements and procedures.

They stated that their great-great-grand fathers bought the 5068- acres land which is located at Odumase (Kodjo Fosu) which is popularly known as Panpanso in Ayensuano District from the then chief of Apedwa Nana Kwasi Jachi in the year 1897 which costs about 1000 pounds.

"The chief of Apedwa in the name of Nana Kwasi Jachi received the delegation from the Oyoko Royal family led by Nana Amon Kwame and Nana Kwasi Amoani from Odumase (Kodjo Fosu) to take every needed necessary things to forever own these track of lands even in the law court in the following years including 1909(Yao Ntikora verse Teacher Mante, Amon Kwame and ten others, 1913( Amon Kwame verse Kwame Obregyamah, Tetteh Ashong and four others), 1922(Amon Kwame verse Tetteh Ashong , Kwame Obregyamah and ten others), 1924(Amon Kwame verse JJ.OCQUAYE and AMON QUAO) and 1924(Amon Kwame verse Ayitey)," they explained.

According to them all these cases are held in the Supreme Court in the era of Gold Coast for which Amon Kwame won all these case saying that the pieces of documentary evidence were available at the national archives.

They pointed out these 5068-acres land legally became a property to Nana Amon Kwame  and Kwasi Amoani to be precise on behalf of the Oyoko royal family  of odumase (Kodjo Fosu).

According to the members and elders of the family, they haven't met any government official to hand over their land to him or her.

They stressed that the actions of the Ghana's Deputy Ambassador to China, Madam Akua Owusu Afriyie to claim the ownership of the said land is completely  fraudulent act and called on President Akufo-Addo the call his deputy ambassador to China to order or else she would incur their wrath.

They accused the deputy ambassador to China for faking documents to own the land in her own interest due to her current position in government.

"We are the owners of the land, and we I have all the proper, genuine and legal documents that shows a clear evidence that indeed the land is the bonifade property of the Oyoko Royal family from Odumase,(Kodjo Fosu)" the elders stressed.

They explained that the Oyoko royal family has given  power of attorney to one William Asante Agyekum Acquah who is one of  the great, great groundchild  of Nana Amon Kwame  and  Kwesi Amoani who were the owners of the land.

Additionally, they disclosed that the descendants who had the power of attorney were Nana Asante Agyekum Aqual and Nana Amoani Darko the current chief of Odumase.

According to the descendants, they are informing the government to wake up in this issue before people of Odumase losses trust in government.

"The deputy ambassador to China is not dealing with us in a fairness manner. We are not ready to release our land to her for any developmental projects from the government because of her dubious character.

"We are warning her that she should stay away from the land because we are  for  peace and will never ever release our land to her.

According to the elders and members of the Oyoko Royal family from Odumase( Kodjo Fosu)"We have already given the said land to  a developer by the name China Man ,so we don't want to have anything doing with the  said Ghana's deputy ambassador to China on that land.

"We never want to see the said Ghana deputy ambassador to China,(Madam.Akua Afriyie) because that said land as indicated above is meant for Islamic university by china Man,

 they concluded.


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