Apply Now: Sunway Scholarships

Apply Now: Sunway Scholarships


The Sunway scholarship application for the year 2024/2025 window is open to students in Malaysia.

In 2023, the scholarship will award over 570 million RM to excellent learners.

There are various types of scholarships that this Malaysian university and college offer.

In this article, we will delve into each of the scholarship schemes, what they entail, and the eligibility, application process, selection criteria, and acceptance of award processes.

List of Sunway Scholarships and Awards

The University of Sunway has about five different schemes that serve the needs and interests of high school and undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate students. Below is the list of scholarships:

Leadership Scholarships

Under this scheme come several lists of sub-scholarship opportunities and the programmes of study that qualify for them.

1. Sunway CIS-ECA 2024

This scholarship is currently accepting applications from all Chinese Independent School (CIS) students. Eligible students are those who wrote and passed the Unified Examination Certificate (UEC) test in 2023. The scholarships will be given in February, March, and April intakes only. The application deadline is February 27 2024, at 5:30pm.

Programs under this scholarship include:

I. Bachelor Degree Programmes

  1. Acturial Science (Bsc)

  2. Accounting and Finance (Bsc)

  3. Advertising and Branding (Hons) (BA)

  4. Business Mgt (Bsc)

  5. Business Studies (Bsc)

  6. Biology with Psychology (Hons) (Bsc)

  7. Biomedicine (Bsc)

  8. Computer Science (Bsc)

  9. Communication (Hons) (BA)

  10. Culinary Management (Hons) (Bsc)

  11. Convention and Events Mgt (Hons) (Bsc)

NB: There are several other programs of interest that any eligible student can choose from. 

II. Diploma Programmes

  1. Diploma in Accounting

  2. Diploma in Business Administration

  3. Diploma in Communication

  4. Diploma in Computer Science

  5. Diploma in Digital Creative Content

  6. Diploma in Finance

  7. Diploma in Fashion Design Technology

  8. Diploma in Graphic and Multimedia Design

  9. Diploma in Hotel Management

  10. Diploma in Interior Design

  11. Diploma in Interactive New Media

  12. Diploma in Information technology

Also note that the application procedure for the above scholarship is strictly online or documents can be emailed to

2. The Chancellors Scholarships of Sunway University and Lancaster University

This scholarship honors the partnership between Sunway and Lancaster Universities in joint degree programmes across multiple disciplines and is given in honour of Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Sir Jeffrey Cheah KBE AO, Chancellor of Sunway University, and the Right Honourable Alan Milburn, Chancellor of Lancaster University, UK.

3. Sunway University Excellence Scholarship

offered to applicants interested in Sunway University's undergraduate programmes who have demonstrated exceptional academic and leadership accomplishments.

4. Sunway - Victoria University Excellence Scholarship

Commemorating the partnership with Victoria University, Melbourne, this scholarship is for students with outstanding academic and leadership accomplishments wishing to pursue the  Bachelor of Business undergraduate programme

5. Sunway College Special Scholarship

Awarded to high school students in recognition of their excellent trial results, extracurricular activities, and personal statement prior to receiving their actual results and admissions into a new programme at Sunway College (KL).

Academic Excellence Scholarships : This category of scholarship contains 8 sub scholarships. They have been outlined below:

1. SHSM Service Industry Scholarship for Postgraduate Studies : This scholarship has only one programme. It supports a Master in International Hospitality Management.  Prerequisites: Malaysian and international students enrolled full-time and part-time. The applicant cannot have received any prior scholarships. Must fulfil one of the requirements listed below:- 

Condition 1: Fulfill the program's entrance criteria. Demonstrate that you have worked for at least three years in the hospitality and tourist sector or in a comparable service business.

Condition 2:  Achieve the APEL T-7 recognition given by the Malaysian Qualification Agency and hold a recognised pre-university certification (STPM, diploma, matriculation, or equivalent). Demonstrate that you have worked for at least five years in the hospitality and tourist sector, or in a comparable service industry.

This scholarship is valued at a 50% tuition fee reduction, and it requires supporting documents.

Key deadline Dates: January 19, 2024 (for January intake), April 1, 2024 (for April intake), and September 2, 2024 (for September intake). The application is strictly online at

2. Postgraduate Research Scholarship For Collaborative Project With University Of Cambridge: A completely sponsored PhD studentship is available from Sunway University in Malaysia's Department of Biological Sciences to engage in joint research with the University of Cambridge Medical School in the United Kingdom. The value of this scholarship is tied to registration and resource fees, tuition fees, and allowance for living. The eligible programme for this scholarship is a Doctor of Philosophy in Biology. Application forms must be downloaded from the scholarship page and be submitted to

3. Sunway University Postgraduate By Research Scholarship : Given to newly admitted students as a token of appreciation for their outstanding academic performance before being accepted into a new programme at Sunway University or Sunway College (KL).

4. Sunway University Taught Master Program

5. Jeffrey Cheah Entrance Scholarship

6. Jeffrey Cheah ACE Scholarship

7. Sunway-ICAEW Global Accountant Scholarship

8. Sunway-ACCA Global Leader Scholarship


The Sunway University/Sunway College scholarships are broad. These comprise the Talent based scholarship, which has five sub-categories of scholarships, of which the music scholarship is included. Then there are the Need based scholarships and Sunway Awards.

Visit the link to access the type of scholarship suitable for you and find out your eligibility.


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